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Mobile Bill Payment Platform


BANRED is the most important ATM network in Uruguay. Backed by the board of private financial institutions of Uruguay, it has a physical network of devices that covers the entire national territory, to offer a complete offer of services to its hundreds of thousands of users. With a permanently updated technology platform, Banred is oriented to provide convenience and accessibility to cardholders, making the operation of their terminals a safe and comfortable experience.

BANRED defined as part of their strategy to be a leader on the local financial industry regarding mobile payments. Going Mobile was an imperative decision.


  • Create a new and innovative way to pay bills.
  • Offer new and innovative services through new digital channels.
  • Reduce operational costs. Seamless experience.
  • Use of camera to read + 100 types of different barcodes.
  • Connect and execute transactions with service providers in real time.
  • Connected with more than 600 Service providers.
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Mobile native's apps (iOS and Android).

Multi Bank Support:

  • Account Statement - Funds Transfer
  • Bill payment processing (more than 600 available companies/services)
  • Barcode reader
  • + 100.000 users/downloads
  • The app is positioned in the top of UY apps.
  • The App is also implemented in main privately held banks of UY.